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How Christmas is Celebrated in Korea 


Hello! My name is Mili, a Korean employee of Kmall.

I'm sure you've been curious about many things related to Korea that's why we established this “ All About Korea ” to share our knowledge and experience.


It will contain more interesting information and fun facts about South Korea, let's learn more about the lifestyle, culture, traditions, and a lot more!


I'm planning to eat delicious food with my family while watching a movie. How about you, what's your plan this Christmas?

Today, I'm going to share with you how Koreans usually spend their Christmas.





Christmas time is a good time to create memories. Koreans gather together with their family or have a special date with loved ones.


Similar to other countries, we also set up a Christmas tree. Throwing a fun and exciting party with exchanging of gifts.



Food is essential for parties!

It's winter season in Korea by this time. We commonly eat warm soup and chicken or pizza, or we cook and eat delicious food together with the whole family.


The cake is also important for this event, we eat an ice-cream cake a lot these days. Despite the cold winter, many Koreans still like ice creams!


I shared how Koreans spend the Christmas in this post.

How about spending the end of the year a little more special by eating Korean food?



The best Korean dish to try this is “Budae Jjigae”

Budae Jjigae (Budae Jjigae) or Army Stew is Korea's most popular hotpot dish. The name comes from Budae which means military base and Jjigae is a soup or stew. 

The dish not only tastes good but is super easy to make too!


You can also buy the main ingredients in a set, exclusively available at Kmall

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Haven't tried this dish before? Don't worry we'll send you a recipe and guide on how to cook the Budae Jjigae.


Also, how about giving gifts to your friends and loved ones with Korean cosmetics and food?

We've got everything you need from basic skincare to makeup, traditional snack to a great meal!

I'll introduce more about Korea next time.

Enjoy the holiday season and experience Korea with Kmall!


We’d love to hear your thoughts, follow us on Facebook or Instagram @kmallph and share with us what topics you would like to know about Korea.

Date Posted: Dec. 24, 2021

Author: Kmall Korean Marketer Mili

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