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About Us


In Kmall, shopping experience is different. Everyone should get easily and conveniently what they desire like visible products, service benefits and even culture, love and styles. Kmall will always be working hard to give our customers with background of open and ethical management the satisfaction and hassle-free shopping experience. Kmall will continue to present more valuable products and services and achieve innovation as a leader in commercial transaction.

Our Story
Kmall Philippines was established in 2017 and is one of the pioneers in the online sales and distribution of Korean beauty products in the Philippines. Since its foundation, the company has expanded its collection to not just K-beauty products, but K-fashion, K-food and K-Pop Merch as well.

Kmall Philippines strives to:
Offer affordable and quality Korean Beauty Products not just in the Philippines, but also globally
Help Filipinos to start their own business by offering a low capital for high quality products
Provide a secure, straightforward platform with which customers can look for products with ease

We envision to build profitable business partnerships through global distribution of world class products