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It's the Love Month – Gift Guide and What to Do on Valentine's Day? 


Valentine's Day is approaching! It's considered a romantic holiday around the world celebrated every February 14. 

This occasion is a perfect day for lovers to show their affection and some even use this chance to propose to their special someone.


Many countries celebrate Valentine’s Day in their way. In the Philippines, there are many ways too, 

here are some - Giving flowers (may it be a single rose or a bouquet) never fails to make women feel special. 

Gifts, chocolates, and cards with a heartwarming message would surely be a gift that makes you feel loved. 

Dates are everywhere during this day; some couples choose to book a hotel for an overnight date or visit a popular tourist spot to spend their precious time together.


Read until the end to know more details on how other countries celebrated this special occasion.










For South Koreans, Valentine's Day (밸런타인데이) is a bit different as it has three special holiday - February 14, March 14 and April 14.

There is a holiday for everyone, let’s talk about what these dates are for.


February 14 – Valentine’s Day

On this day, women traditionally give men chocolate as a gift to show their affection.


March 14 – White Day

It’s now the men’s turn to show their affection to their partner by giving a sweet gift. 

The concept refers to giving white-colored gifts, like white chocolate, as an answer to their Valentine's Day gifts.


April 14 – Black Day

Let’s not forget Black day for single people who did not get gifts on February 14 or March 14. 

They often gather on this day to eat Jjajyangmyeon or Black noodles with black bean sauce.



Do you have anything to do on Valentine’s Day?

Have you prepared any gifts for your loved ones?

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Receiving surprises and gifts is appreciated and truly impressive. 

But don't forget the best way to express your genuine love is by spending more time together and having a deeper understanding of each other.


Whatever relationship status you have, you deserve a big hug and love this love month.

Happy Hearts Day!

Date Posted: February 11, 2022


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