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FARMSTAY O2 Premium Aqua Foam Cleansing 100ml Summary information and purchase

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Place of origin KOREA
Expiration Date 2023-07-01
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Product information

Product description

Light refreshing facial wash is suitable for all skin types, designed for gentle and deep cleansing of the skin. 

Foam washes away pollution not only from the surface of the skin, but also penetrates its pores, cleans them of greasy plugs, 

which are formed from residues of cosmetics, dead cells and excess sebum.

During washing through the pores, the foam nourishes the skin with the oxygen it needs .

Oxygen improves microcirculation and cellular metabolism, improves the immune properties of the skin and helps to get rid of various inflammatory processes, promotes skin renewal.

With regular use of oxygen foam, the skin that has lost its elasticity and freshness comes to life again. It is smoothed, tightened and strengthened, the wrinkle net disappears, pigmentation is lightened.

Oxygen foam will be necessary for the skin after a long stay in the open sun, as well as after peels and other cosmetic procedures.

How to use: Apply the foam on the moist skin of the face, massage with circular movements, then rinse with water.


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